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Here is the weekly mathematical program of the Department.

Forthcoming talks of guests related to the Graduiertenkolleg:

Summer Term 2017

Date Title Speaker Organized by Place Time
24.04.2017 Quantum states on the algebra of Dirac fields Promotionskolloquium Simone Murro M 104 15.15
03.05.2017 The Mass of Riemannian Manifolds Matthias Ludewig, MPI Bonn Bernd Ammann M 102 10.15
09.05.2017 Stability of the spinor flow Lothar Schiemanowski, Universität Kiel Johannes Wittmann / Bernd Ammann M 009 10.15
02.06.2017 Mode stability on the real axis Siyuan Ma, MPG Potsdam-Golm Felix Finster M 103 10.15
07.06.2017 Cycle spaces and cohomological width Meru Alagalingam Bernd Ammann M 009 10.15
13.06.2017 Horizontal Dirac Operators in CR Geometry Christoph Stadtmüller, Berlin Bernd Ammann M 009 10.15
21.06.2017 Obstructions vs. (Gluing) Constructions for Minimal Surfaces & Mean Curvature Solitons Niels Martin Moller, Universität Kopenhagen Johannes Wittmann / Bernd Ammann M 102 10.15
13.07.2017 Computations in real topological Hochschild homology Irakli Patchkoria, Universität Bonn Markus Land M 009 12.15
02.08.2017 Lower semicontinuity of ADM mass Dan A. Lee, CUNY New York Bernd Ammann M 103 11.15



Place: M104, Time: Thursday, 15.30,

14.00-15.00 Question hour for PhD students (no Professors allowed )

Tea in M 201!

15.30-16.30 Talk

(The GK-Kolloquium is followed by the Regensburg Mathematical Kolloquium 17.00-18.00)

Guidelines for the speakers can be found here.

Summer term 2017

Date Title Speaker Organized by
27.04.2017 reserviert (Clara Löh)
25.05.2017 holiday
01.06.2017 An Introduction to Black Holes Claudio Paganini (MPG AEI, Potsdam-Golm) Felix Finster
15.06.2017 holiday
22.06.2017 RESERVIERT !
29.06.2017 A comparison of the Yamabe problem on noncompact manifolds and stratified spaces Nadine Große (Universität Freiburg) Simone Murro
06.07.2017 Asymptotic Behaviour of the Elastic Flow of Clamped Curves Adrian Spener (Universität Ulm) Julia Butz, Alessandra Pluda
13.07.2017 Ancient solutions of extrinsic curvature flows Susanna Risa (Università degli Studi di Roma "Tor Vergata") Julia Butz, Alessandra Pluda
20.07.2017 RESERVIERT! (Dekan)



Place: M104, Time: Monday, 12-14 (formerly Tuesday, 12-14).

This roughly biweekly lecture series aims at aquainting our PhD students with the research of the faculty through a series of introductory talks.

Summer term 2017

Date Title Speaker
08.05.17 Exercises in Academic Writing (pdf, including exercises!) Clara Löh
15.05.17 Exercises in Academic Writing (pdf, including exercises!) Clara Löh
03.07.17 A topological proof of Picard's theorem I Stefan Friedl
10.07.17 A topological proof of Picard's theorem II Stefan Friedl
17.07.17 Causal fermion systems: An introduction for mathematicians I Felix Finster
24.07.17 Causal fermion system: An introduction for mathematicians II Felix Finster

On Monday, May 29th the room is reserved for the seminar "Curvature flows" !




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