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AG-Seminar (Kerz) 2016/2017

Date and location

Tuesday 16:15 - 18:00, BIO 1.1.34 (SFB)


Excision theory program

Suslin's article

Date Speaker Topic
18.10. Discussion -
8.11. Enlin Yang Semi-continuity for singular supports and characteristic cycles of etale sheaves II
15.11. Morten Lüders Ideles and the structure of zero-cycles for varieties over p-adic fields
22.11. Shuji Saito Purity of reciprocity sheaves and motives with modulus II
29.11. Moritz Kerz/Florian Strunk Descent under blow-up for K-theory I
6.12. Moritz Kerz/Florian Strunk no seminar
13.12. Moritz Kerz Descent under blow-up for K-theory II
20.12. Johann Haas Excision for K-theory I
10.1. Christian Dahlhausen Excision for K-theory II
17.1. no seminar no seminar
24.1. Federico Binda Excision for K-theory III
31.1. no seminar no seminar
7.2. Florian Strunk Stable A1 -connectivity over Dedekind schemes