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From Higher Invariants

Higher Invariants Oberseminar (HIOB 7)

The goal of this semester is to study aspect of Deninger's approach towards arithmetic zeta functions.

Dates and location

Mondays, 12-14, SFB Seminar Room.


Here you may find the extended program.


If you are interested in giving a talk in this seminar, please select a topic and enter your name in the schedule below and send an e-mail to Georg Tamme or Johannes Sprang.

  Date Title Speaker
9. April Introduction and Overview Johannes Sprang
16. April Regularized determinants I Han-Ung Kufner
23. April Regularized determinants II
30. April The Selberg zeta function I U. Bunke
7. May The Selberg zeta function II U. Bunke
14. May Riemann-Hilbert correspondence I M. Lüders
28. May Riemann-Hilbert correspondence II
4. June Non-Archimedean local L-factors Yigeng Zhao
11. June Logarithmic connections and filtered vector spaces
18. June Archimedean local L-factors Ch. Schrade
25. June The Riemann hypothesis
2. July Foliated space for an elliptic curve Yukako Kezuka
9. July The zeta function via L2-cohomology

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