Offices of the Saints

The database "Heiligenoffizien - Offices of the Saints" draws upon information compiled in the course of the research project "Die Gesänge der Heiligen-Offizien (Historiae) im Mittelalter", financed by the Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft and carried out between 1996 and 1999 at the Institut für Musikwissenschaft of the University of Regensburg, project director David Hiley, collaborators Roman Hankeln, Klaus Thomayer and Alois Späth. For the present database Fabian Weber created the font "Volpiano", Alois Späth and Robert Klugseder entered the melodic incipits and Robert Klugseder designed the website and search facilities.

The project was mainly concerned with analysing the musical style of representative groups of saint's offices (historiae) from the tenth to the fourteenth century (an impression of the methods and results can be gained from some published articles mentioned in the bibliography). Over 120 offices were studied, using editions already published or newly made transcriptions. From these editions and transcriptions the incipits of texts and melodies in the present database were compiled.

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