Responsories for Advent
This database makes it possible to search for the responsories (singly or in sets) catalogued by René-Jean Hesbert in Corpus antiphonalium officii, vol. 5: Fontes earumque prima ordinatio (Rome 1975) and further organized by Knud Ottosen: L'Antiphonaire latin au Moyen-Âge: Réorganisation des séries de répons de l'Avent classés par R.-J. Hesbert, Rerum ecclesiasticarum documenta, extra seriem (Rome 1986).

The search is position sensitive. The programme will search for a responsory (represented by its number in Hesbert’s list) only at the place in the series where it is entered in the search template.

(07/2008): New sources A-Wn 1882 (Speyer), A-Wn 1799** (Rein OCist), D-Mbs 2766 (Aldersbach OCist)
(01/2009): Provenance of the neumed breviary A-Wn 1717: Klosterneuburg
(02/2012): New source: Breviary from St. Blasien (Schwarzwald), A-SPA Cod. 15/2 (1573), group Engelberg
(02/2012): Provenance of the antiphoner A-SPA Cod. 9/3: Spital am Pyhrn (Passau diocese)

Compiler and programmer: Robert Klugseder