Blocking transport resonances via Kondo many-body entanglement in quantum dots

Michael Niklas, Sergey Smirnov, Davide Mantelli, Magdalena Marganska, Ngoc-Viet Nguyen, Wolfgang Wernsdorfer, Jean-Pierre Cleuziou, Milena Grifoni

Nature Communications 7, 12442 (2016)

We study the Kondo effect in carbon nanotubes. If the coupling between the nanotube and the leads is weak a single electron can become trapped inside the tube due to Coulomb repulsion and its spin acts as a scattering region. If the coupling becomes stronger the scattered electrons form a bound state, the Kondo cloud, which results in a zero bias conductance peak. Interestingly not the real electron spin is involved in this process, but a pseudospin degree of freedom.