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Title Drinfeld Modules

Date/Time Tue, 16--18, M102

Organizers U. Jannsen, M. Kerz, N. Naumann

Program pdf

Everybody who is interested in giving a talk in this seminar should select a topic and enter his name in the schedule below:

No Date Title Speaker
1 16.10.2012 Overview M. Kerz
2 23.10.2012 Additive Polynomials B. Dietel
3 30.10.2012 Background on Rigid Analysis Franziska Wutz
4 06.11.2012 Lattices in C_\infty and elliptic modules I A. Voitovitch
5 13.11.2012 Lattices in C_\infty and elliptic modules II A. Voitovitch
6 20.11.2012 + 11.12.2012 Morphisms of elliptic modules Franziska Schneider
7 11.12.2012 Analytic description of the moduli space Yigeng Zhao
8 18.12.2011 Elliptic modules over finite fields and their isogeny classes Timo Keller
9 15.1.2013 Elliptic modules over schemes and their moduli spaces A. Fluder
10 22.1.2013 Hecke correspondences and fixed points Ivan Barrientos
11 22.01.2013 Elliptic sheaves
12 Shtukas I
13 Shtukas II
14 TBD
15 TBD