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Here is the weekly mathematical program of the Department.

Forthcoming talks of guests related to the Graduiertenkolleg:

Summer term 2019

Date Title Speaker Organized by Place Time
23.05. The Beilinson fibre sequence Thomas Nikolaus Ulrich Bunke M 009 12.15
24.06. PSC-metrics on manifolds with fibered singularities Boris Botvinnik Bernd Ammann M 104 14.15
04.07. 5th Bavarian Geometry & Topology Meeting Markus Land & Lukas Lewark M 311 10 - 18
05.07. 5th Bavarian Geometry & Topology Meeting Markus Land & Lukas Lewark M 311 10 - 17
19.06. Singularity theorems for $C^1$-Lorentzian metrics Melanie Graf Bernd Ammann M 103 10.15



Place: M104, Time: Thursday, 15.30,

14.00-15.00 Question hour for PhD students (no Professors allowed )

Tea in M 201!

15.30-16.30 Talk

(The GK-Kolloquium is followed by the Regensburg Mathematical Kolloquium 17.00-18.00)

Guidelines for the speakers can be found here.

Summer term 2019

Date Title Speaker Organized by
02.05.2019 Promotionskolloquium Luigi Caputi
16.05.2019 reserviert
23.05.2019 reserviert
18.07.2019 CLOSING COLLOQUIUM special schedule
25.07.2019 Promotionskolloquium Christian Dahlhausen



Place: M104, Time: Monday, 12-14 (formerly Tuesday, 12-14).

This roughly biweekly lecture series aims at aquainting our PhD students with the research of the faculty through a series of introductory talks.

Summer term 2019

Date Title Speaker



Summer Term 2019


GK Seminars

Summer Term 2020

Oberseminar Globale Analysis

Winter Term 2019/2020

Oberseminar Globale Analysis

Summer Term 2019

Oberseminar Globale Analysis

AG Seminar

History GK Seminars

Upcoming Conferences, Workshops, Schools

5th Bavarian Geometry & Topology Meeting, July 04-05,2019 M 311

Abschlusskolloquium: July 18th, 2019; Speakers and Location

Conference History