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Research areas

  • heights and growth conditions in arithmetic and geometric group theory
  • global differential geometry, topology, and analysis of Dirac operators
  • geometric flows evolving hypersurfaces and metrics and involving curvature
  • singularities and compactifications in geometry and arithmetic and for PDEs


  • Heights and Cycles (W. Gubler, U. Jannsen, K. Künnemann)
  • Analysis of Dirac operators (B. Ammann, U. Bunke, F. Finster)
  • Geometric evolution equations (H. Abels, B. Ammann, G. Dolzmann, H. Garcke)
  • Analysis of Semi-Riemannian manifolds (H. Abels, B. Ammann, F. Finster)
  • Geometricgrouptheory (S.Friedl, W.Gubler, C.Löh)
  • Singularities in algebraic geometry, differential geometry, and in analysis (B.Ammann, U.Bunke, F.Finster, U.Jannsen)