Seminar on proetale

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Title Seminar on pro-etale cohomology

Date/Time Monday, 12-14, M 103

Informal discussions For further and more informal discussions about the seminar, everybody's welcome to join in the Sitzungszimmer on Mondays from 2-3 pm. There will be coffee and cake (to be confirmed).

Organizers Uwe Jannsen, Moritz Kerz, Guido Kings, Niko Naumann


Literature ,

Extra Meeting There will be an extra meeting of our seminar on 21.1.14 and in case we need more time on 4.2.14 (room: M102, Time: 12-14)

Everybody who is interested in giving a talk in this seminar should select a topic and enter her/his name in the schedule below:

No Date Title Speaker
1 21.10.2013 Introduction Moritz Kerz
2 28.10.2013 General topology Bernhard Dietel
3 04.11.2013 w-local spaces and rings I Uli Bunke
4 11.11.2013 w-local spaces and rings II Uwe Jannsen
5 18.11.2013 Topos theory and fpqc topology Alexander Voitovitch
25.11.2013 Second part of talks No 4,5 Uwe Jannsen, Alexander Voitovitch
02.12.2013 talk postponed, no seminar on this day
6 09.12.2013 Replete topoi Florian Strunk
7 13.01.2014 Derived completion in replete topoi Georg Tamme
8 20.01.2014 Pro-\'etale site I Timo Keller
9 21.01.2014 (extra meeting in M 102, 12-14) Pro-\'etale site II Yigeng Zhao
10 27.01.2014 Constructible sheaves I Niko Naumann
11 03.02.2014 Constructible sheaves II Anna Fluder
12 04.02.2014 (extra meeting in M 102, 12-14) Pro-etale fundamental group Yitao Wu