Spring School 2011

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Spring School 2011 on Index theory

Organizer: GK Curvature, Cycles, and Cohomology

Dates: 15-18 May, 2011

Place: Hesselberg

Description: In this spring school we will work through the heat equation proof of the Atiyah-Singer index theorem for compatible Dirac operators. It will be based on the first few chapters of the Book Heat Kernels and Dirac Operators by Berline, Getzler, Vergne.

Preparatory Consultations:

In order to prepare the Spring school in index theory we organize two consultations:

14.4.2011 14.00 - 16.00 M201 (Sitzungszimmer)

28.4.2011 14.00-16.00 M201 (Sitzungszimmer)

In the first I will give a short overview on the program of the school and summarize some prerequisites.

The remaining time of the first and the second meeting will be devoted to questions and answers. Every participant is encouraged to refresh his knowledge on the material of the first 6 talks.


Participants: talk/lecturer

Mihaela Pilca, Regensburg;

Alex Koenen, Freiburg;

Andreas Hermann, Regensburg;

Jan-Cornelius Molnar, Stuttgart;

Christopher Ohrt, Regensburg;

Carolina Neira-Jimenez, Regensburg;

Konrad Waldorf, Regensburg;

Lars Müller, Regensburg;

Farid Madani, Regensburg;

Natalie Peternell, Freiburg;

Nasrin Arab, Regensburg;

Martin Ruderer, Regensburg;

Jan-Hendrik Treude, Freiburg;

Jos Höll, Marburg;

Sven Remde, Marburg;

Svenja Dahms, Freiburg;

Anja Fuchshuber, Freiburg;

Nadja Fischer, Freiburg;

Ralf Braun, Freiburg;

Nicolas Ginoux, Regensburg;

Michael Völkl, Regensburg;

Patrick Forré, Regensburg;

Manuel Streil, Regensburg;

Matthias Nagel, Kaiserslautern;

Johannes Lorenz, Freiburg;

Francesca Diana, Regensburg;

Christian Nerf, Regensburg;

Tobias Weich, Marburg;

Man Ho, Boston;

Aron Strack, Regensburg;

Matthias Blank, Regensburg;

Sandra Eisenreich, Regensburg;


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