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Winter term 2020/2021

The seminar is usually on Wednesday, at 10.15 digital

Date (Day.Month.) Speaker Title Responsible Special comments
30.12.2020 Holidays!
06.01.2021 Holidays!

Summer term 2020

The seminar is usually on Wednesday, at 10.15 in M102

Date (Day.Month.) Speaker Title Responsible Special comments
27.05.2020 Mehran Seyed Hosseini (Potsdam) Secondary invariants for positive scalar curvature metrics on manifolds with boundary Matthias Ludewig via zoom
10.06.2020 Hermann Schulz-Baldes (Erlangen) The spectral localizer and computational K-theory Bernd Ammann via zoom
17.06.2020 Lars Anderson (MPI Potsdam-Golm) Stability of Spacetimes with Supersymmetric Compactifications Bernd Ammannn via zoom
01.07.2020 Peter Hochs (University of Adelaide) An equivariant Atiyah-Patodi-Singer index theorem for proper actions Matthias Ludewig via zoom
15.07.2020 Bernd Ammann Self-adjoint codimension 2 boundary conditions for Dirac operators via zoom

Winter term 2019/2020

The seminar is usually on Wednesday, at 10.15 in M102

Date (Day.Month.) Speaker Title Responsible Special comments
16.10.2019 Alessio Savini (Bologna) Volume of Zimmer's cocycles of real hyperbolic manifolds Marco Moraschini
23.10.2019 Paolo Ghiggini (Nantes) Liouville nonfillability of RP^5 Zentner
30.10.2019 Claudia Scheimbauer (TU München) Dualizability in the higher Morita category Lewark
06.11.2019 Zhichao Wang (MPI Bonn) Some recent results of free boundary minimal hypersurfaces [1] Bernd Ammann
20.11.2019 Carmen Rovi (Heidelberg) The reinterpretation of Davis-Lueck equivariant homology in terms of L-theory. Stefan Friedl
27.11.2019 David Reutter (MPI Bonn) From fusion 2-categories to 4-manifold invariants [2] Stefan Friedl
04.12.2019 Jonas Beyrer (Heidelberg) Marked length spectrum rigidity for actions on CAT(0) cube complexes [3] Johannes Witzig
11.12.2019 Takahiro Kitayama (Tokyo & Regensburg) Twisted Alexander polynomials and L^2-Euler characteristics Stefan Friedl
18.12.2019 Matthias Ludewig (Adelaide) Edge-following topological states [4] Bernd Ammann
25.12.2019 Holidays!
01.01.2020 Holidays!
08.01.2020 Shi Wang (MPI Bonn) Gromov norm on nonpositively curved manifolds [5] B. Ammann & C. Löh
15.01.2020 Clara Löh (Regensburg) Transcendental simplicial volumes
22.01.2020 Miles Simon (Magdeburg) On the regularity of Ricci flows coming out of metric spaces [6] Bernd Ammann
29.01.2020 Nicoletta Tardini (Universita di Torino) Special Hermitian Metrics on Complex Manifolds [7] Mihaela Pilca
05.02.2020 Tam Nguyen Phan (MPI Bonn) Topology of ends of nonpositively curved manifolds [8] Mihaela Pilca

Summer term 2019

The seminar is usually on Wednesday, at 10.15 in M102

Date (Day.Month.) Speaker Title Responsible Special comments
24.04.2019 Jonathan Glöckle Initial Value Spaces in General Relativity Ammann
01.05.2019 No talk Holiday!
08.05.2019 Michael Schrödl-Baumann (Karlsruhe) L²-Betti numbers of random rooted simplicial complexes and Benjamini-Schramm convergence Stefan Friedl/Clara Löh
15.05.2019 Dr. Martin Nitsche (Dresden) Transfer maps in generalized group homology via submanifolds [9] Alexander Engel
22.05.2019 Carlo Collari Slice-torus link invariants and applications Stefan Friedl
29.05.2019 Dr. Manuel Amann (Augsburg) On the topology of transitive and cohomogeneity one actions [10] Mihaela Pilca
05.06.2019 Peter Feller (ETH) Moebius bands in B^3xS^1 and the square peg problem Lukas Lewark
12.06.2019 Dr. Giovanni Bazzoni (Madrid) Spin-harmonic structures and balanced Spin(7) manifolds [11] Mihaela Pilca
19.06.2019 PhD José Manuel Moreno Fernandéz (MPIM Bonn) Infinity structures in rational homotopy theory [12] Marco Moraschini
26.06.2019 Raphael Zentner SU(2)-cyclic surgeries and surgery obstructions Stefan Friedl
03.07.2019 Rudolf Zeidler (Münster) Band width estimates via the Dirac operator [13] Alexander Engel
10.07.2019 Josh Howie (Monash) TBA Raphael Zentner
17.07.2019 Nima Hoda (Wrocław) Clara Löh
24.07.2019 Filip Misev (MPI) Fibred knots, positivity and concordance Lukas Lewark

Winter term 2018/2019

The seminar is usually on Wednesday, at 10.15 in M102

Date (Day.Month.) Speaker Title Responsible Special comments
17.10.2018 Dawid Kielak (Bielefeld) A new perspective on fibring of 3-manifolds Stefan Friedl starts at 10:10 and ends at 11:25link title
24.10.2018 Francisco Torres de Lizaur (MPI Bonn) Geometric structures in the nodal sets of eigenfunctions of the Dirac operator [14] Bernd Ammann
31.10.2018 Michał Marcinkowski Bounded cohomology of Sympl_0(S)
14.11.2018 Grigori Avramidi (MPI Bonn) Coarse embeddings, Moore spaces, and L^2 Betti numbers Clara Löh
28.11.2018 Anthony Genevois (Université Aix-Marseille) Partially CAT(-1) groups [15] Engel & Marcinkowski
12.12.2018 no talk (Windberg)
19.12.2018 Damian Sawicki (MPI Bonn) Warped cones – metric spaces defined by group actions [16] Engel & Marcinkowski
26.12.2018 no talk building is closed Weihnachtsferien
02.01.2019 no talk buidling is closed Weihnachtsferien
09.01.2019 Anda Degeratu (University of Stuttgart) Towards constructing constant scalar curvature Kähler metrics on elliptic surfaces [17] Mihaela Pilca
16.01.2019 Steffen Kionke (Karlsruhe) On p-adic limits of topological invariants Clara Löh
23.01.2019 Bernhard Hanke (Augsburg) An equivariant Quillen theorem [18] Alexander Engel
06.02.2019 Renaud Detcherry (Max Planck) Certificates and the AJ conjecture Stefan Friedl

Summer term 2018

The seminar is usually on Wednesday, at 10.15 in M102

Date (Day.Month.) Speaker Title Responsible Special comments
11.04.2018 Clara Löh Simplicial volume: fillings, gaps, and scl
18.04.2018 Stefan Friedl One relator groups and polytopes
25.04.2018 Daniele Zuddas (Bayreuth) Special moves for open book decompositions of 3-manifolds Friedl
02.05.2018 Markus Land Infinite loop space structures on G/Top
09.05.2018 Alexander Engel Boundaries of spaces and groups
16.05.2018 Gerrit Herrmann Sutured manifolds and L^2-Betti numbers
23.05.2018 Marco Moraschini An introduction to ideal simplicity volume Caputi
30.05.2018 Stephan Stadler (LMU) Minimal discs in CAT(0) spaces Friedl
06.06.2018 Stephan Mescher (Leipzig) tba Zentner
13.06.2018 Caterina Campagnolo (Karlsruhe) A universal upper bound on the norm of 4-cocycles Löh
20.06.2018 Sabine Braun (Karlsruhe) Simplicial volume and macroscopic scalar curvature Löh
27.06.2018 Dr. Markus Röser (Hannover) Irreducibility of the Laplacian eigenspaces on some homogeneous spaces Pilca
04.07.2018 Anand Dessai (Fribourg) Moduli space of metrics of nonnegative sectional/positive Ricci curvature on homotopy real projective spaces Engel
11.07.2018 Prof. Anna Fino (Torino) Laplacian flow and special metrics Pilca Beginn: 10.00 Uhr

Winter term 2017/2018

The seminar is usually on Wednesday, at 10.15 in M102

Date (Day.Month.) Speaker Title Responsible Special comments
18.10.2017 Michał Marcinkowski Entropy and quasimorphisms Löh
25.10.2017 Alexandra Otiman (MPI Bonn) Twisted Cohomology of LCK Manifolds Pilca
01.11.2017 no talk Allerheiligen holiday
08.11.2017 Raphael Zentner SU(2)-cyclic surgeries, holonomy perturbations, and the pillowcase Friedl
15.11.2017 Bram Petri (Bonn) Homological torsion of hyperbolic manifolds Friedl
22.11.2017 Ulrich Bunke On the coarse invariance of the dualizing spectrum of a group
29.11.2017 Alexander Engel Burghelea Conjecture Ammann/Löh
06.12.2017 Thomas Vogel (LMU) Rigidity results for overtwisted contact structures Friedl
13.12.2017 Windberg
20.12.2017 Nicolaus Heuer (Oxford) RAAGs and Stable Commutator Length Löh
27.12.2017 no talk building is closed Weihnachtsferien
03.01.2018 no talk buidling is closed Weihnachtsferien
10.01.2018 Beatrice Pozzetti (Heidelberg) Maximal representations on infinite dimensional symmetric spaces Löh
17.01.2018 Markus Land Reducibility of low-dimensional Poincare duality spaces
24.01.2018 Yi-Sheng Wang (Freiburg) Relative Kirby calculus and 4-dimensional spin cobordisms Friedl
31.01.2018 Prof. Dr. Elmar Schrohe (Hannover) The porous medium equation on manifolds with conical singularities, NOTE: moved to the afternoon, 2.15 pm Ammann/Bohlen
07.02.2018 Prof. Dr. Hanno Gottschalk (Wuppertal) The semiclassical Einstein equation in cosmological space-times Ammann/Bohlen

Summer term 2017

The seminar is usually on Wednesday, at 10.15 in M102

Date (Day.Month.) Speaker Title Responsible Special comments
26.04.2017 CRC-meeting
03.05.2017 Matthias Ludewig (MPI Bonn) The Mass of Riemannian Manifolds Ammann
10.05.2017 Xin Li (QMU London) Groups, orbits, and Cartans Löh
17.05.2017 Karsten Bohlen (Regensburg) Deformation groupoids and the Fredholm index Ammann
24.05.2017 Nicolina Istrati (Paris-Diderot) Toric locally conformally Kähler manifolds Pilca
07.06.2017 Meru Alagalingam (Augsburg) Cycle spaces and cohomological width Ammann
14.06.2017 Víctor González Moreno (London) Classifying spaces for families of subgroups Löh
21.06.2017 Niels Martin Møller (Kopenhagen) Obstructions vs. (Gluing) Constructions for Minimal Surfaces & Mean Curvature Solitons Ammann/Wittmann
28.06.2017 Urs Frauenfelder (Augsburg) Families of periodic orbits in the restricted three body problem and Arnold's J+-invariant Friedl
11.07.2017 (Dienstag) Michael Brandenbursky (Ben-Gurion, Israel) Knots, braids and quasimorphisms I Marcinkowski/Löh BIO 1.1.34, 14:30
12.07.2017 Dr. Anna Siffert (Bonn) Existence of metrics maximizing the first eigenvalue on closed surfaces Pilca
18.07.2017 (Dienstag) Michael Brandenbursky (Ben-Gurion, Israel) Knots, braids and quasimorphisms II Marcinkowski/Löh BIO 1.1.34, 14:30
19.07.2017 Alexander Trost (LMU) Asymptotic invariants of discrete groups Friedl
26.07.2017 Jarek Kędra (Aberdeen) SL(3,Z) Marcinkowski/Löh
27.07.2017 (Donnerstag) Michael Brandenbursky (Ben-Gurion, Israel) Knots, braids and quasimorphisms III Marcinkowski/Löh BIO 1.1.34, 12.15
03.08.2017 (Donnerstag) Dan A. Lee (CUNY, New York) Lower semicontinuity of ADM mass Ammann M 103, 11.15 Uhr

Winter term 2016/2017

The seminar is usually on Wednesday, at 10.15 in M102

Date (Day.Month.) Speaker Title Responsible Special comments
19.10.2016 Olaf Müller The Hoop Conjecture Ammann !SFB-Hörsaal!
26.10.2016 Markus Land Charakteristic classes of aspherical manifold bundles Bunke
02.11.2016 Nobuhiko Otoba Metrics of constant scalar curvature on fiber bundles Ammann
09.11.2016 Steven Sivek Stein fillings and SU(2) representations Zentner
16.11.2016 Bruno Martelli (Pisa) Hyperbolic Dehn fillings in dimension four Löh
23.11.2016 speaker unavailable
30.11.2016 Fabian Hebestreit Moduli spaces of odd dimensional manifolds Ammann
07.12.2016 Benedikt von Seelstrang (Augsburg) Infinite K-area and the Strong Novikov Conjecture Löh SFB-School in Kastell Windsor
14.12.2016 GK-Seminar The talk will be in Windberg
21.12.2016 Christian Lange (Köln) Rigidity phenomena of Zoll surfaces and generalizations Friedl
11.01.2017 Wojciech Politarczyk (Warschau) Khovanov homology and knot symmetries Marcinkowski
18.01.2017 Michael Joachim (Münster) On the Gromov-Lawson-Rosenberg Conjecture Ammann
25.01.2017 Sebastian Hensel (Bonn) Rigidity and Flexibility for the Handlebody Group Friedl/Löh
01.02.2017 Dr. Mihaela Pilca (Regensburg) Toric Vaisman Manifolds Ammann
08.02.2017 Wolfgang Steimle (Augsburg) Harmonic spinors and metrics of positive scalar curvature, via the

Gromoll filtration and Toda brackets


Summer term 2016

The seminar is usually on Wednesday, at 10.15 in M102

Date (Day.Month.) Speaker Title Responsible Special comments
13.4. Kovalev Metrics with holonomy Spin(7) on generalized connected sums Ammann/Pilca
20.4. Alexander Schenkel Compactly supported differential characters and application to Abelian S-duality Bunke
4.5. Lukas Lewark Seifert Form and Slice Genus of Knots Friedl
11.5. Ian Hambleton Cyclic group actions on contractible 4-manifolds Friedl
18.5. Stefan Friedl Groups, polytopes, L^2-torsion and the Atiyah Conjecture Friedl
25.5. Clara Löh Cost of Groups Löh
8.6. Mark Hamilton The closure of the symplectic cone of elliptic surfaces Friedl
15.6. U. Bunke Spectra for working mathematicians
22.6. Wolfgang Steimle Approximately fibering a manifold over an aspherical one Engel
29.6. Raphael Zentner Holonomy perturbations and irreducible representations of homology 3-spheres in SL(2,C) Zentner
6.7. Caterina Campagnolo Simplicial volume of surface bundles and other invariants Löh
13.7. Gregor Masbaum Some applications of quantum representations of mapping class groups of surfaces Friedl

Winter term 2015/2016

The seminar is usually on Wednesday, at 10.15 in M102

Date (Day.Month.) Speaker Title Responsible Special comments
14.10.2015 Alexander Engel Higher-codimensional index obstructions against psc-metrics Ammann
21.10.2015 Dawid Kielak Nielsen realisation for right-angled Artin groups Marcinkowski
28.10.2015 Markus Steenbock Strong Atiyah conjecture for free groups and small cancellation groups Löh
4.11.2015 Dr. Dmitri Pavlov Abstract Simons--Sullivan construction for generalized differential cohomology Bunke
18.11.2015 Christopher Cornwell Augmentations in knot contact homology and SL(2,C) character varieties Zentner
25.11.2015 Jarek Kedra (University of Aberdeen) On the autonomous norm on groups of area preserving diffeomorphisms of surfaces Friedl
02.12.2015 Oliver Goertsches, LMU München Transverse Localization Ammann
09.12.2015 blockiert Windberg
16.12.2015 Ksenia Fedosova Analytic torsion of hyperbolic finite volume orbifolds Ammann
20.01.2016 Holger Kammeyer, Karlsruhe Approximating Novikov-Shubin numbers along finite coverings Engel
27.01.2016 Paul Kirk, University of Indiana - Bloomington SU(2) character varieties of tangle decompositions of knots Friedl
03.02.2016 Hannah Alpert (MIT) Morse broken trajectories and hyperbolic volume Löh

Summer term 2015

The seminar is usually on Wednesday, at 10.15 in M102

Date (Day.Month.) Speaker Title Responsible Special comments
15.4. Vorbesprechung Ammann/Bunke/Friedl/Löh
22.4. Georgios Raptis Parametrized Euler characteristics of smooth bundles and cobordism categories Ammann/Bunke
29.4. Guillem Cazassus Instanton symplectic Floer homology and the surgery exact triangle Zentner
13.5. Michael Wiemeler, Augsburg Invariant metrics of positive scalar curvature on S^1-manifolds Ammann
13.5. 16ct Hansjoerg Geiges, Koeln Symplectic cobordisms and fibrations Friedl Extravortrag von 16.15 bis 17.30 in Bio 1.1.34 (SFB Seminarraum)
20.5. Kim Frøyshov, Odense Mod 2 instanton homology and 4-manifolds with boundary Zentner
27.5. Rafael Torres, SISSA Trieste Examples of collapsing and computation of Yamabe invariant of inequivalent smoothings Ammann
3.6. Andrei Moroianu, Université de Versailles-St Quentin Lokal konforme Kählersche Mannigfaltigkeiten mit reduzierter Holonomie Ammann/Pilca
10.6. blockiert summer school K-homology
17.6. Stefan Behrens, Renyi Institut Budapest Heegaard Floer homology and 4-manifolds with boundary Friedl
24.6. Michel Boileau, Marseille The Geometrization Theorem for 3-manifolds Friedl
1.7. Saul Schleimer, University of Warwick Recognizing three-manifolds Friedl
8.7. Werner Thumann, Regensburg Operad groups - a unifying framework for Thompson-like groups Löh

Winter term 2014/15

The seminar is usually on Wednesday, at 10.15 in M102

Date (Day.Month.) Speaker Title Responsible Special comments
8.10. Semester-Anfangs-Besprechung
16.10. (Thursday),

8.30 in M006

Hartmut Weiß, Kiel The moduli space of Higgs bundles Ammann, Bunke
22.10. Kent Orr, Indiana University Bloomington Transfinite Milnor invariants for 3-manifolds Friedl
29.10. Alexander Engel Indices of pseudodifferential operators on open manifolds Ammann
5.11. no seminar M102 is taken by the Schuelerinformationstag
12.11. Michal Marcinkowski, Wroclaw The Gromov PSC conjecture and rationally small macroscopically large manifolds Ammann, Bunke
19.11. Clara Löh Integral approximations of simplicial volume
26.11. Liam Watson, Glasgow L-spaces and left-orderability Stefan Friedl
3.12. This week's talk is in Windberg Structured PhD education Bunke GK meeting
10.12. Robert Schmidt, LMU Coarse homology of leaves of foliations Löh
17.12. Karol Strzałkowski, MIMUW Piecewise straightening and Lipschitz simplicial volume Löh
7.1. David Fajman, University of Vienna The Einstein flow in 2 + 1 dimensions Kröncke
14.1. Jonathan Bowden, LMU Approximating foliations by contact structures in dimension 3 Stefan Friedl
21.1. Michael Völkl Universal Geometrizations and the Intrinsic Eta-Invariant Ammann
28.1. Daniel Grieser, Oldenburg The exponential map based at a singularity Ammann

Summer term 2014

The seminar is usually on Wednesday, at 10.15 in M102

Date Title Speaker Responsible Special comments
9.4. Semester-Anfangs-Besprechung
16.4. Bivariant homology theories of noncommutative spaces Snigdhayan Mahanta Bunke
23.4. Higher rank simple Lie groups do not have the Approximation Property Tim de Laat (KU Leuven) Löh
30.4. Jang"s equation, marginally trapped surfaces, and topological censorship Mattias Dahl (KTH Stockholm) Ammann
7.5. Higher analytic rho-invariants - a survey and some new results. Charlotte Wahl Bunke
14.5. Knot homologies, Morse moves, and homotopy types Andrew Lobb Zentner
21.5. L^2-Invariants, their applications and open problems Wolfgang Lück Friedl
28.5. Buildings, Spectral Networks, and the Asymtotics of Monodromy Pranav Pandit (Wien) Bunke
4.6. An introduction to topological group cohomology Christoph Wockel (Hamburg) Nikolaus
11.6. Volumes of representations of 3-manifolds Pierre Derbez Zentner
18.6. Ausblick
25.6. Using Gromov´s h-principle for curvature inequalities on open manifolds Nadine Große Ammann
2.7. Vorbereitung GK-Begehung Ammann/Bunke
9.7. Planung des Wintersemesters