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From Higher Invariants

Higher Invariants Oberseminar (HIOB 8)

The topic in this semester is resolution of singularities in characteristic zero. The goal is to understand a simplified version of Hironaka's proof. A good introduction to the subject is Dan Abramovich's article for the ICM 2018 (link).

Dates and location

Mondays, 12-14, SFB seminar room (M 311)


Here you may find the programme.


If you have any questions about the talks, feel free to contact the organisers (Johann Haas, Christian Dahlhausen, Federico Binda). If you are interested in giving a talk in this seminar, please enrol in the list below.

  Date Title Speaker
Apr 29 Resolution for curves Federico Binda
May 06 Blow-ups and examples Marta Barigozzi
May 13 Principalisation and resolution Christian Dahlhausen
May 20 Plan of the proof Johann Haas
May 27 The inductive step of the proof Yassin Mousa
Jun 03 Derivatives of ideals, maximal contact, and going down Johannes Sprang
Jun 10 no seminar due to holiday no speaker
Jun 17 Restriction of derivatives and going up
Jun 24 Uniqueness of maximal contact
Jul 01 Tuning of ideals
Jul 08 Order reduction for ideals
Jul 15 Order reduction for marked ideals
Jul 22 TBA

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