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From Higher Invariants

Higher Categories and Geometry

Dates and Location

  • Regensburg, August 31 -- September 04, 2020


Homotopical and higher categorical methods have seen increasing importance in mathematics, both as foundations and as computational tools. In fact, such methods merge two apparently distinct goals: understanding geometrical forms and classifying mathematical structures. This conference aims at gathering together under this perspective geometers in a rather broad sense. It seeks to foster the applications of these higher methods in the interplay between homotopy theory, arithmetic, and algebraic geometry.

Invited Speakers

Benjamin Antieau, University of Illinois

Joseph Ayoub, Universität Zürich

Tom Bachmann, MIT

Tobias Barthel, MPIM Bonn

Clark Barwick, University of Edinburgh

Agnes Beaudry, University of Colorado

Julie Bergner, University of Virginia

Dustin Clausen, Universität Bonn

Tobias Dyckerhoff, Universität Hamburg

Rune Haugseng, NTNU Trondheim

Gijs Heuts, Universiteit Utrecht

Akhil Mathew, University of Chicago

Thomas Nikolaus, Universität Münster

Claudia Scheimbauer, TU München

Vesna Stojanoska, University of Illinois

Hiro Lee Tanaka, Texas State University

Bertrand Toën, CNRS, Université de Toulouse

Maria Yakerson, Universität Regensburg

Inna Zakharevich, Cornell University

Financial Support

We may have limited financial support for travel and accommodation. Please indicate at registration.


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Practical Information

MAP: Points of Interest.

University Map.

PUBLIC TRANSIT: Local bus system and route map.

There are many useful buses typically, but the 6 will suffice for getting to and from the city center and the conference room.

One can also walk to the conference room from the 'Universitat' bus stop on campus, which is better served by the bus system. The 6, 11, C6, and C11 buses all travel between the HBF (central station) and the Universitat bus stop. The 6, 11, C6, and C11 towards campus can all be caught here and one of them stops at this stop about every 5 minutes during working hours.

You can pay for a bus ride on entering the bus or purchase a strip of tickets from one of the ticket machines. A strip of tickets costs 9.00 euros and it allows five bus rides.


Regensburg is a tourist destination and we encourage guests to book their rooms as early as possible. Here is a list of hotels in the area:

1. Hotel Kaiserhof am Dom (In the city center, must take a bus to the University.)

2. Hotel Muenchner Hof (In the city center, must take a bus to the University.)

3. Hotel Apollo (Near the conference, but limited eating options.)

4. Hotel Jakob (In the center, must take a bus to the University.)

5. Hotel Central (In the city center, must take a bus to the University.)

One can also check the standard alternatives:

1. Hotels.com

2. Airbnb

TRAVEL: One can reach the university by following the instructions here.

INTERNET: Access to eduroam is available throughout the mathematics building. For those without eduroam access we will obtain a temporary guest account through the university.


  • Ulrich Bunke
  • Denis-Charles Cisinski
  • Guido Kings

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