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From Higher Invariants

Higher Invariants Oberseminar (HIOB 8)

The topic in this semester is index theory. The idea is to understand the classical index theorem of Atiyah-Singer through Connes' groupoid approach while learning higher aspects of C^{*}-algebra K-theory and Lie groupoids.

Dates and location

Mondays, 12-14, SFB Seminar Room.


Here you may find the extended program.


If you are interested in giving a talk in this seminar, please contact U. Bunke.

  Date Title Speaker
15. Oct The classical index theorem J. Gloeckle
22. Oct The family version and the Riemann-Roch theorem N. Otoba
29. Oct Dirac operators J. Seipel
05. Nov Geometric applications of the index theorem for Dirac operators B. Ammann
12. Nov K-theory of C^∗-algebras G. Tamme
19. Nov Kasparov KK-theory
26. Nov The KK-category A. Engel
3. Dez Duality M. Land
10. Dez. Crossed products and Connes’ Thom isomorphism C. Dahlhausen
17. Dez Lie groupoids K. Nguyen
7. Jan C∗-algebras associated to Lie groupoids K. Bohlen
14. Jan Deformation to the normal cone
21. Jan Proof of the families index theorem (a la Connes)
28. Jan The Baum-Connes conjecture S. Echterhoff (Münster)
4. Feb Discussion of the topic for HIOB SS 2019

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