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From Higher Invariants

K-theory seminar

In this seminar, we will read through the recent paper of Clausen--Mathew--Morrow about p-adic K-theory of p-adic rings.

Here you may find handwritten notes of lectures by Morrow on the subject.

Dates and location

Tuesdays, 14-16, SFB Seminar Room (tbc).


Here you may find the extended program.


If you are interested in giving a talk in this seminar, please contact M. Land (markus.land"@"ur.de).

  Date Title Speaker
16. Oct Cyclotomic spectra and topological cyclic homology Drew Heard
23. Oct Topological Hochschild Homology of stable \infty-categories Markus Land
30. Oct The cyclotomic trace Uli Bunke
06. Nov Cocontinuity of TC/p Federico Binda
13. Nov Further finiteness properties of TC/p Han-Ung Kufner
20. Nov TC/p via the de Rham-Witt complex Johann Haas
27. Nov Henselian pairs Charanya Ravi
4. Dez Pseudo-coherent functors Niko Naumann
11. Dez. Axiomatic rigidity Niko Naumann
18. Dez. Gabber rigidity Morten Lüders
8. Jan Proof of the Main Theorem Florian Strunk
15. Jan Continuity of K-theory Christian Dahlhausen
22. Jan p-adic continuity and K-theory Yigeng Zhao
29. Jan \'Etale K-theory is TC Adeel Khan
5. Feb Asymptotic comparison of K and TC Georg Tamme