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From Higher Invariants


Invariants play a dominant role in all of mathematics: Invariants should be fine enough to extract the right information, but coarse enough to be computable in specific cases. Higher invariants are a structural and hierarchical refinement of certain classical invariants. The long term goal of this Collaborative Research Centre is to formulate the principles of construction and computation of higher invariants in a systematic way.

  • Higher Chern classes
  • Volumes, L-functions, and polylogarithms
  • Metric structures on cohomology, vector bundles, and cycles
  • Higher categories and enriched structures

Projects and principal investigators

Publications/Preprints (in reverse chronological order)


  • F. Hebestreit, M. Land, W. Lück, O. Randal-Williams. A Vanishing theorem for tautological classes of aspherical manifolds. arXiv:1705.06232 math.AT; 05/2017
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  • N. Otoba; J. Petean, Solutions of the Yamabe equation on harmonic Riemannian submersions, arXiv:1611.06709 math.DG; 11/2016
  • B. Ammann; N. Große; V Nistor, Poincaré inequality and well-posedness of the Poisson problem on manifolds with boundary and bounded geometry arXiv:1611.00281 math.AP; 11/2016
  • O. Gwilliam, D. Pavlov. Enhancing the filtered derived category. arXiv:1602.01515, accepted by J. Pure Appl. Algebra; 02/2016


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  • I. Barnea, M. Joachim, S. Mahanta. Model structure on projective systems of C*-algebras and bivariant homology theories. math.KT; 08/2015


  • A. Beilinson, G. Kings, A. Levin. Topological polylogarithms and p-adic interpolation of L-values of totally real fields. arXiv:1410:4741 math.NT; 10/2014