Liturgical manuscripts in German libraries

This list of liturgical manuscripts in German libraries is intended to provide a small amount of information about as many sources as possible, in order to remind users what type of liturgical book is preserved under a particular shelfmark, its age and provenance. It may also alert users to the existence of books they did not know about, employing the search facilities.
The information is mostly taken from published library catalogues (see the file "Catalogues"), where further details about the manuscripts can be found. This has been supplemented with some data from unpublished catalogues and handlists.
Generally no attempt was made to verify the statements of the various sources. The accuracy of the information can therefore not be guaranteed. Where differing or conflicting information was given, I have tried to conflate the descriptions; sometimes, however, I have given more than one entry for the same source.
In the file "Conventions" I have explained the conventions followed in the list.
The library sigla follow the conventions of RISM. In the file "RISM-Sigla" users will find all abbreviations explained.

Klaus Thomayer 2006

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