Study group CANTUS PLANUS of the International Musicological Society
The Study Group ‘Cantus Planus’ was founded in response to an initiative of the Directorium of the International Musicological Society. It meets both at the international Congresses of the IMS and independently in the intervening period. Its Chair reports on its activities to the Directorium. Helmut Hucke, David Hiley, Ruth Steiner, and Charles Atkinson have chaired the Study Group. Barbara Haggh-Huglo has been Interim Chair since 2005 and Chair from 2006-2010. New chair, since April 2010, is Roman Hankeln (NTNU, Trondheim, Norway).
The principal aim of the Study Group “Cantus Planus” is to cooperate in the scholarly investigation of the chant traditions of Eastern and Western Christendom, by holding conferences, publishing proceedings, and by collaborating on joint projects.
The Study Group has met on 14 occasions, at five Congresses of the IMS, eight times in Hungary (Veszprém, Tihany, Pécs, Eger, Sopron, Visegrád, Visegrád, Lillafüred), and once in Germany (Niederaltaich). The sessions at the IMS Congresses in Bologna 1987, Madrid 1992, London 1997, Leuven 2002, Zurich 2007 were organized by the respective Chairs of the Study Group. Then all of the meetings in Hungary have been organized by László Dobszay of the Institute for Musicology, Hungarian Academy of Sciences, Budapest. The meeting in Germany (Regensburg/Niederaltaich) was organized by David Hiley and Barbara Haggh-Huglo, in Austria (Vienna) by Robert Klugseder and Roman Hankeln.
As well as meeting for scholarly discussions, members of the Study Group work together in joint projects to further the study of the chant traditions of the Eastern and Western churches. The Study Group is particularly concerned to exploit the possibilities of electronic data processing, as in the compilation of databases and text files which can be made available to members as a common resource for research. The resources developed include the Corpus Antiphonalium Officii-Ecclesiae Centralis Europae (CAO-ECE) at the Institute for Musicology, Budapest; the CANTUS online database, which was established by Ruth Steiner at the Catholic University of America and continued by Terence Bailey at the University of Western Ontario, and the CANTUS PLANUS homepage developed by David Hiley and Robert Klugseder at the University of Regensburg. The Study Group initiated the project HISTORIAE to make available editions of liturgical offices for saints, and 13 editions have been published.
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