Research program of SFB 689
Central topic of the Collaborative Research Area 689 entitled "Spin Phenomena in Reduced Dimensions" is the characterization, control and manipulation of the spin degree of freedom in electronic systems of reduced dimension. As systems of reduced dimension we conceive semiconductor heterostructures, containing low-dimensional charge carrier systems, tunneling devices, thin layers of ferromagnetic semiconductors, either nanopatterned or integrated into semiconductor heterostructures, as well as mesoscopic systems, point contacts and molecular systems. Our long-term research target is the realization of an efficient injection, manipulation and detection of spins in systems of reduced dimension as well as the supply of key components of a future room-temperature spin-electronics.
Projects in SFB 689/3
Project Area A: Nanotubes, Wires and Molecules
Project TitlePrincipal Investigators
Spin dependent transport in interacting carbon nanotubesChristoph Strunk
Milena Grifoni
Andreas K. Hüttel
Spin-dependent transport through individual moleculesMilena Grifoni
Jascha Repp
Andrea Donarini
Magnetismus in Graphen: Spintransport und atomare CharakterisierungJonathan Eroms
Jascha Repp
Franz Gießibl
Spin effects in grapheneJaroslav Fabian
Klaus Richter
Experimentelle und theoretische Untersuchung von Spin-Nanostrukturen ausgehend von einzelnen AtomenFranz Gießibl
Huber Ebert
Spin-dependent transport and recombination in organic semiconductorsJohn Lupton
Project Area B: Magnetic Semiconductors: Films and Quantum Structures
Project TitlePrincipal Investigators
Molekularstrahlepitaxie magnetischer Mn-haltiger HalbleiterDominique Bougeard
Dieter Schuh
Spindynamik und Spindiffusion in Halbleiter-HeterostrukturenChristian Schüller
Tobias Korn
Magnetische Halbleiter-Nanostrukturen: Nichtgleichgewichts-Spindetektion und TransportDieter Weiss
Spin injection from diluted magnetic semiconductors into semiconductor heterojunctionsMariusz Ciorga
Dieter Weiss
Christian Back
Modeling and simulation of magnetic semiconductor device structuresJaroslav Fabian
Disorder in ferromagnetic semiconductorsJohn Schliemann
Paul Wenk
Project Area C: Semiconductor Heterostructures and Hybrid Systems
Project TitlePrincipal Investigators
Spin ratchet effects and resonant spin currents in semiconductor heterostructures and hybrid systemsSergey Ganichev
Transport, dynamics and interactions in systems with spin-orbit couplingKlaus Richter
John Schliemann
Spin-Hall-Effekt in metallischen HeterostrukturenGeorg Woltersdorf
Christian Back
Hubert Ebert
Spin injection into siliconDominique Bougeard
Mariusz Ciorga
Josef Zweck
Majorana fermions in hybrid superconductor/carbon-nanotube devices with strong spin-orbit couplingMilena Grifoni
Christoph Strunk
Ultrafast electric tunnel injection of spin-polarized currentsRupert Huber
Dominique Bougeard
Christian Back
Project Area Z: Central Services
Project TitlePrincipal Investigators
Gemeinsame EinrichtungenDieter Weiss