Wintersemester 2021
Di 14:15
H34 and via Zoom
Dr. Angelika Knothe
(National Graphene Institute, University of Manchester)
Di 14:15
H34 and via Zoom
Dr. Manuel Houzet
(CEA Grenoble)
Di 14:15
H34 and via Zoom
Dr. Dhavala Suri
(Technical University of Munich)
"Emergent Spin Textures in Bulk Materials and Proximity Driven Exchange Coupled Heterostructures" (PDF)
Di 14:15
via Zoom
Marina Marocko and Jonas Bauer
(University of Regensburg)
""Spin-orbit interaction and advanced spin transport in graphene-based heterostructures" and "Probing exciton population dynamics in 2D semiconductors by sum-frequency generation and four-wave mixing" (IRTG-Vorstellungsvorträge)" (PDF)
Mo 13:00
PHY 9.2.01 and Zoom
Dr. Christian Heide
(University of Stanford, Photon Science Faculty)
"Light-field driven electron dynamics: from ultrafast current injection to high-harmonic generation"
Hybrid Seminar
Di 14:15
H34 and via Zoom
Dr. Tobias Vogl
(Friedrich Schiller University Jena and University of Cambridge )
"Atomically thin materials for satellite-based quantum science and technology " (PDF)
Di 14:15
H34 and via Zoom
Marcel Hild and Wolfgang Hogger
(University of Regensburg)
""Terahertz Induced Photoconductance in GaAs Based Quantum Point Contacts in the Deep Tunnelling Regime" and "Bringing asymptotics into non-adiabatic processes: a WKB approach to time-dependent multiband systems"" (PDF)
Di 14:15
H34 and via Zoom
Prof. Dr. Joris van Slageren
(University of Stuttgart)
"Molecular Nanomagnets for Quantum Technologies: From strong coupling to electrical readout" (PDF)
Mo 16:00
via ZOOM
Prof. Dr. Hugues Pothier
(Research Group in Quantum Electronics, CEA-Saclay)
"Trapping quasiparticles between superconductors" (PDF)
ZOOM-Kolloquium gemeinsam mit dem SFB1277 - weitere Infos hier
Do 15:15
PHY 5.0.21 and via Zoom
Prof. Dr. Carsten Timm
(TU Dresden)
"Bogoliubov Fermi surfaces in multiband superconductors" (PDF)
Do 14:15
H 34 and Zoom (hybrid)
Muriel Aichberger
"Unconscious biases: How they work and how to tackle them" (PDF)
Di 14:15
H34 and via Zoom
Prof. Dr. Hrvoje Petek
(University of Pittsburgh)
"Dressing matter with vectorial optical fields" (PDF)
Mi 14:15
PHY 7.3.14
Dr. Alessandro Surrente
(Wroclaw University, Wroclaw, Poland)
"Formation of microdomes in 2D materials and excitons in metal halide perovskites" (PDF)
Di 14:15
H34 and via Zoom
Julian Siegl
(University of Regensburg)
"Topological phases and spin-orbit effects in driven superconductors" (PDF)
Mo 14:00
PHY 2.0.31
Prof. Dr. Loren Kaake
(Universität Stuttgart, Germany)
"Physical Chemistry of Polymer Semiconductors: Ion Dynamics and Self-Assembly in Supercritical Fluids" (PDF)
Please ask for the Zoom invitation to participate!
Di 14:15
H34 and via Zoom
Dr. Paulo E. Faria Junior
(University of Regensburg)
"Tales of the Zeeman splitting: from nanowires to van der Waals heterostructures" (PDF)